Omuses’ soul – Cultural Smell Provider and Manager.
Consultant on social and cultural heritage strategies.

Museumography Architecture.
Architect specialised in Conservation and Restoration of Historical and Architectonic Heritage (La Sapienza University, Rome)

Designer of olfactory essences.
Industrial engineer specialised in Industrial Chemistry (Polytechnic University of Catalonia)

Where it comes from and where it is headed

This dream started in 2011, when the olfactory experience began to take shape while on an ethnographic research trip to Central America and Magreb.

Our consultancy matured in time thanks to professionals cooperating; a netarchy built on the bases of effort coordination and no hierarchy, all participants are cultural, technological, scientific and artistic agents. Our expertise is developed day by day.

Omuses, and its Osmologies version, is aimed to present a global proposal for Sustainable Development, a future programme that pre-visualises and officially locates a Laboratori i Hub: Osmoteca de la Memòria de la Mediterrània, L_H:OMM.

Meritxell Virgili is a member of Odeuropa Networking

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