Commission for The Museum of World Cultures

The initiative /

The initiative / The Museum of World Cultures is a dynamic cultural hub open to
its city, Barcelona. It offers museumological initiatives as well as adequate ethnographic
studies, designed for our times: these are creations that open to new exhibition experiences.

As differently it was not possible, Omuses has been invited to share this reflection
framework; by doing so, the smell of Barcelona’s microhistory enters the museum.

The aim / The Commission intends to spread the knowledge related to the sense of ethno-smell. We talk about putting out some urban olfactory descriptions connected to museumography; we debate the path of collaborative ethnology, scientific reports, and of such process taking place in museums. And to top it off, we talk about giving and receiving, as we share olfactory sensations.

The success / We glance at windows which open onto mediations between audiences. Omuses keeps finding the resources useful to museumography and to those didactics featuring the ethno-smell sense. This is its success, building bridges between ethnology museums and cities – “Smellscape · Smell Smart-City” -.

Client / The Museum of World Cultures, Barcelona.

Service / Draft – Executive Project – Plans – Cooperative Ethnography – Report –
Creation/Essence Design – Leaflet – Exhibition Content

2018-2019, ongoing.