Permanent collection at Abelló Museum – “The Tactile Look”

The aim / “The Tactile Look” – Museumography serves as a way to grant accessibility to visitors of all museums. This concept was to be reinterpreted. By doing so, Omuses has entered this museumography prism. The smell is a sense involved in both the individual and the collective memory, as well as in those life experiences when it is inevitably stimulated.

The iniciative / Thinking from the smell point of view is a good idea as it helps us reflect on the processes of the poetic work, providing us with tools which are hidden by
plastic arts. Thus, four pieces of the Abelló Museum’s permanent collection have been chosen to understand and travel through Joan Abellò’s narrative, work, and collection.

The success / The real reward consists of the excitement and the beauty in the eyes of people with accessibility issues, because understanding is a window to life.

Designed essences and culture smell are therefore absolutely necessary to understand visual arts when these cannot be seen.

Client / Abelló Museum – Fundación Municipal de Arte de Mollet (Mollet’s Municipal Art Foundation) – “The Tactile
Look” – Oficina de Patrimonio Cultural Diputación de Barcelona (Cultural Heritage Office of the Provincial Council of Barcelona, OPC, DIBA).

Service / Creation – Contents – Design of 4 essences for a prototype for the blind, the death, and the oralists.


Museus i Accessibilitat “L’essència de l’art invisible