Consultant; facilitator and manager of the cultural smell.

Cultural agent, trained as an anthropologist with a perspective on art; a background that has defined me for more than 30 years; a dimension that provides me with an observation method and a strategy which begin from the olfactory world; these involve me professionally in academic project, but they can also be applied to and considered in the areas of diverse communication and aptitudes’ training, as well as research, art innovation and new creative environments.

Since 2008, I have paused my artistic production in order to study. In 2018, I went back to this activity when starting cooperating with , where I provide cultural consultancy, and when I was involved in managing the artistic output at I’m currently a resident specialist at FiC: Cd’AC/FdC de Barcelona.

Within the international idea and movement Bioart & Society, I provide case study books on heritage and artistic matters for exhibitions, field and collaborative workshops, and researches.