Omuses’ soul – Cultural Smell Provider and Manager.

Consultant on social and cultural heritage strategies.

Social and Cultural Anthropologist, Cultural Heritage and Museumology Manager (University of Barcelona). Certificate of Higher Education in Painting and Graffiti at the School of Arts “La Llotja”, Barcelona.

Meritxell Virgili reflects immersed in objects of art, space and poetry, ethnology and ethnography, as she integrates techno-anthropology in the process. She therefore provides tools to communicate in cultural and natural spaces.

Omuses is an observation method, a strategy to be used when we are professionally involved in education. Equally, Omuses’ strategies can be applied and debated in communication fields as well as attitude trainings.

The sense of smell is a resource to imagine and create common spaces, using techniques based on objectivity, intelligence, and strictly applied dialectics, all of which are elements serving the purpose of generating common and believable scenarios.

Omuses’ driving force, Meritxell Virgili herself, thinks that the peer-to-peer approach is the necessary path to work collaboratively.
For two decades, she has been leading groups meaning to disseminate cultural heritage as a strategic basis to consider communication channels. She was part of a techno-anthropology research group born within the Asociació Catalana de Profesionals de l’Antropología (Association of Catalan Anthropology
Professionals), as well as an anthropology workshop teacher and the technical socio-cultural head for the project.