Ethnological Assistant

Techno-anthropologist and Social Educator (University of Barcelona)

Cristina Nieto considers connections between technology and society as cultural heritage, with the aim of connecting social groups with technological innovation. This journey has led her to keep studying IT programming processes, databases, and operating systems.

Since 2014, Cristina Nieto has been part of a research group in techno-anthropology, to then focus her work on the following: she has been researching social and technological innovation as a “user-research”, approaching it from an anthropological point of view using qualitative analysis; she has been an IT system technician, a technological consultant, a digital coach, and the technical support operator for the company Suez Aguas de Busot in Barcelona, building a bridge between users and technological application.

Cristina Nieto is currently working at the consultancy agency, where she provides her techno-anthropology expertise. She is also taking part in “Vermislab”, an educational project for innovation, where she holds workshops on programming, robotics, and technology.